Different Varieties of Swimming Pool and Where they are Installed

Human beings love to swim. Since ancient times we had a fascination with water, and what lives in it. Swimming has a lot of health benefits, like reducing blood pressure and blood sugar levels and research has even shown that it can reduce stress and anxiety. There is nothing like taking a dip in cool water, letting the water encapsulate your body, with its’ surface tension pushing you upwards, feeling like you are in space, free from gravity. Research has also shown that swimming is one of the best physical activities for losing weight and building endurance.

Today, some people spend a fortune to build and install a swimming pool at their homes. And today, swimming pools are more than a place to have fun, they are a symbol of status and luxury.  There are different types of swimming pools to choose from and installed at your home. Let us take a look at some of the types of swimming pools, and where they can be installed.

Inground Swimming pools

Inground swimming pools are those pools that are completely submerged underground, with only the surface of the swimming pool exposed above ground. In-ground swimming pools look compact, clean and sleek. They are especially visually rewarding, watching the water in the swimming pool glimmer on a hot sunny day. In-ground swimming pools are in a variety of shapes and sizes like kidney-shaped, rectangular and round. In-ground swimming pools can also be installed almost anywhere if there is sufficient space.

Inground Pool

In-ground swimming pools can be installed in your backyard, in your garden or inside your home. In-ground swimming pools are also the most common types of swimming pool installed in homes. They are classy, and it never fails to impress.

Above Ground Swimming pools

Above ground swimming pools are swimming pools that are partially exposed above ground. Unlike in-ground swimming pools, these pools are pre-manufactured and installed later. Above ground swimming pools are less expensive than in-ground swimming pools, but not as visually appealing. So if your swimming pool budget is not that high, then above ground swimming pools are a great option.

Above ground swimming pools, like in-ground swimming pools can be installed anywhere, where there is sufficient space, including in your home. They are not as classy as in-ground swimming pools but are a lot of fun for a much lower budget.

above ground swimming pools

Fiberglass Swimming pools

Fiberglass swimming pools are made from Fiberglass. Fiberglass swimming pools come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and textures. Fiberglass swimming pools can also be fitted with a variety of filtration systems and cleaning equipment. They are much less bulky, expensive and easy to maintain compared to concrete swimming pools.


Vinyl Swimming pools

Vinyl Swimming pools are those swimming pools that are made from vinyl fiber. The vinyl sheet is spread out in such a way that, it covers the basic framework, which is either made from concrete or steel. It is a cost-effective way to build a swimming pool.

Swimming pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choosing a swimming pool based on the size and the budget is not that hard.

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