Pool Therapy for you to Live Healthily

Swimming pools have a lot of benefits, it is a status symbol and is accepted as an entertainment hobby to socialize and relax for the elite and upper-middle-class folks. In fact, swimming also provides a lot of therapeutical and health benefits. Therapy pools thus help one to forge an awesome looking body. Exercising in the gym can be a mess. Lots of sweat, fatigue, and blood. Not only that, several studies have pointed out that intense exercises such as running and powerlifting are harmful to the joints and the bones in the long term. Swimming and pool therapy, on the other hand, has no detrimental side effects compared to these other exercises. Swimming bequeaths an array of health benefits such as –

Losing weight

Swimming is a great and effective exercise in burning fat and reducing weight. Swimming increases the metabolism and burns calories faster. Resistance swimming such as swimming in flow-adjusted Smart swimming pools will help to build strength and improve muscularity. Swimming is also known to increase testosterone in men, a hormone responsible for strength and bone density.

Beneficial for people with disability

Swimming & Water therapy is the ideal exercise for people with disability. People and children with disabilities like autism and down syndrome, find it extremely hard to execute everyday activities, let alone intense physical activities like running and lifting weights. Swimming, on the other hand, is relatively a low-intensity exercise, and because of the minimum influence of gravity in water, swimming activities put minimal or no stress on the bones and muscles. It can also help with coordination and movement which are really beneficial for children with disabilities.

Rehabilitation activity for injured people

People who were seriously injured like having a broken leg, or are recovering from an accident, find it incapable of doing normal exercises. But at the same time, it is important for them to involve in physical activities in the process of their recovery. Since swimming is relatively a light exercise that will require the body to make necessary motions, at the same time also a low impact exercise, that does not put much pressure on the bones and on the internal organs, it is the perfect exercise for people who are injured or people going through rehabilitation. Aquatic therapy is beneficial for injured people.

Full body fitness

Swimming is a full body exercise. It activates and works out every muscle in the body. Swimming is a full body workout and is both a strength and cardio exercise. It works out every complex muscle in the body, including the abs, thighs, and biceps. No other exercise or workout has such effect on the body.

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